September 23

Take the Time to Go off the Beaten Path and Experience Cape Verde’s Hidden Attractions


The enchanting nation of Cape Verde is situated just of the western coast of Africa. This tropical archipelago boasts a collection of ten large islands and eight small islets. People travel here from all over the world in order to soak up the sun, take part in a wide range of aquatic activities and go hiking through the dense jungles that cover the heart of the islands. Here are a few of the things that are waiting to be discovered when you explore Cape Verde and its off beat attractions.

Cape Verde Sal kitesurfing.jpg
Cape Verde Sal kitesurfing” by CayambeOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


This flat desert island is the perfect place to use as a base while exploring all that Cape Verde has to offer. Sal features its own international airport and also has a well developed infrastructure. The village of Espargos is a great place to discover the traditional way of life, while Santa Maria on the southern coast off Sal boasts a vibrant nightlife scene complete with dozens of enchanting beach bars, clubs and restaurants that serve freshly prepared seafood dishes.

Cultural dances
The people of Cape Verde have their own rich culture, which can be seen in the nation’s cuisine, music and dances. Watching a traditional dance performance is the perfect way to relax and unwind in the evening and a large number of tourist resorts offer these dance performances to their guests.

Boa Vista
People who want to simply soak up the sun and unwind for a while will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Cape Verde on this large island. Boa Vista comes complete with 55 kilometres of coast, which is scattered with pristine sandy beaches. People who want to try their hands at water sports such as scuba diving and snorkelling will also be able to arrange trips and hire equipment through local companies.

São Tiago
This lively island features several bustling cities such as Praia, which is the charming capital of Cape Verde. Nature lovers can head to the traditional village of São Domingos, which is surrounded a lush valley. This is the perfect place for people who have a strong sense of adventure to embark on hiking trips.

This interesting city can be found in the northwest of the beautiful island of São Vicente.
Mindelo boasts a large number of picturesque two-storey colonial houses that come complete with balconies and shuttered windows that people who have a love for architecture are sure to adore. The city also offers a great range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs where people can really let their hair down and let off a little steam in the evening.

Santo Antão
Santo Antão is a large island that can be sound just to the northwest of São Vicente. Nature lovers are sure to feel right at home exploring Santo Antão, as it is one of the greenest islands in the whole of Cape Verde. One of the most popular activities here is hiking through the jungle, and a number of local companies offer special trips that allow visitors to explore some of the tiny traditional villages that can be found deep in the jungle while they look out for local flora and fauna.


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