October 3

Thailand Hot Spots You Can’t Afford To Miss Whilst Travelling


While you might not be able to get to everything Thailand has to offer in one visit, there are a few hot spots that you cannot afford to miss.

Taking your home comforts on the road

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country is famous for its fun loving environment, national cuisine and both manmade and natural wonders. The culture is quite different from the atmosphere we have in the West so it can be a bit of a shock when you arrive.

snorkeling krabi

Bungee jumping, Chaing Mai

The history of Chaing Mai is interlinked with trade, located as it is close to the former trade route of the Ping River. These days however, the major money maker for people in the area is tourism. This makes for a very welcoming atmosphere for visitors in the area, it also means there is a lot to do, including the Chaing Mai bungee jump. Set 50 meters up, the jump platform offers a good view of the surrounding woodland before you make the leap. If you’re particularly adventurous, you can arrange to have your bungee rope extended so that you have your head dunked into the pond below.

Snorkelling, Krabi

Krabi is a located on the west coast of southern Thailand. The region is blessed with a number of natural areas of interest, including coral reef and underwater cave formations. There is also plenty of wildlife like turtles, leopard sharks and dolphins. Snorkelling is the best way to get close to these natural wonders.

Full Moon and Black Moon Parties, Koh Phangan

Even for a place as hedonistic as Thailand, the Koh Phangan beach parties are particularly indulgent. Full Moon parties, as you might expect, fall once a month when the moon is at its fullest. The Black Moon parties take place when the moon is at its least visible, generally towards the end of the month. Both incorporate through the night music, drink and food. The parties are incredibly popular and pretty cheap for tourists. The morning after the night before reveals the beautiful coastline surrounding Koh Phangan, as well as a lot of litter and leftovers.

Beaches, Ko Yung

Unlike many of the well developed beaches of the Ko Phi Phi archipelago, the coastline of Ko Yung is relatively undisturbed. This allows one of the most ecological diverse areas in the country to thrive. As well as coral and marine life, the area boasts sand and pebble beaches. The picturesque area is surrounded by the warm Andaman Sea water.


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