October 21

5 Amazing Places to Watch a Sunset


The warm orange glow of the sunset has been captivating people for millions of years; it’s a sight that we’ll never get bored of watching. Here, we explore five of the most beautiful places to enjoy this daily natural spectacle.

The Arctic Sundog

Visitors to the Arctic enjoying the beauty of the Northern Lights are often treated to the sundog phenomenon as the sun sets. When the sun is hanging low above the horizon, the light of the star interacts with ice crystals in the atmosphere to create an illusion of three suns in the sky.

Photo credit Flickr: Jason Ahrns

Three suns draped across the unspoiled snowscapes of the Arctic create a beautiful, unforgettable image. So inspirational is the sight that philosopher Rene Descartes is said to have abandoned his metaphysical studies when experiencing the phenomenon and immediately began work on his natural philosophy masterpiece: The World.


The Roofs of El Carmel Hill

As one of the most architecturally unique and diverse cities in the world; Barcelona has been attracting visitors for hundreds of years wanting to experience the culture and beauty. The colourful rooftops of the buildings at the base of El Carmel Hill, make it a stunning place to watch a sunset. Visitors and locals flock to the hill to watch the colours of the rooftop tiles dance and change by the second as the Sun falls behind them.

The calm still of the Barcelona sunset is soon overtaken by the vibrant nightlife of the Catalonian capital.

The Middle of the South Pacific

Located more than 1,650 miles from land; Point Nemo in the South Pacific is the world’s furthest point from any shore. Cruises through the massive South Pacific Ocean, take passengers out to the most peaceful and uninterrupted locations on Earth. Enjoy a Sunset from this staggering part of the planet as the Sun drops down behind a horizon hundreds of miles from where you are sailing. Cruise 1st offer a selection of cruises which traverse the South Pacific Ocean.

The Floridian Keys

Every single night, Florida’s Key West plays host to a small sunset festival, the Sunset Celebration, for locals and visitors alike. The naturally-formed inlets, bay, lagoons and everglades play host to a selection of fire breathers, acrobats and artists as the Sun is lowered behind the horizon. The 250+ days of beautiful Floridian Sunshine every year makes it the perfect place to watch the Sun set into the Gulf of Mexico.

Photo credit Flickr: Joe Parks

Pfeiffer Beach, California

The coastal state of California has its share of beautiful Sunset locations but one feature sets Pfeiffer Beach apart from the rest. The beach is flanked by a huge sandstone formation with a naturally-formed hole in the centre. As the Sun sets behind the formation, its rays will momentarily transcend through the hole in the formation, shining on a small patch of the North Pacific Ocean with an almost heavenly glow.

Photo credit Flicr: Mitchell Cipriano

Witness the beauty and power of nature combine as waves beat against the rocks, highlighted by the sandstone-formed ray of the sun.


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