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Anti-Theft Travel Bags by Travelon Review: Part 2


If you frequently read this blog you’ll know that I already own Travelon travel gear, and that I’m also very pleased with it. In fact a little while ago I  reviewed some of their bags including a carry on wheeler bag and a toiletry kit, which I both use every time I have a short 2-4 day getaway. They are made of high quality material, are very practical and great for anyone.

In this post I will be reviewing three more of their bags: the Anti Theft Urban Slim Line Backpack, the Large Messenger Style Shoulder Bag and the Anti Theft Signature Tote.

The Anti Theft Urban Slim Line Backpack

Just by taking a quick look at it you will guess it’s a professional looking backpack designed to carry a laptop and work gear comfortably, in style and without bulk, and this is exactly what this backpack is. In fact, it’s the one I now use whenever I have meetings with travel companies, destination marketing organizations or clients related to my other online endeavors.  As a backpacker I like to have my hands empty, even if to stuff them in my pockets, and the Slim Backpack has all the space I need to carefully and neatly store the materials I need. There are several compartments to store business cards, papers and documents, a cushioned section that can hold a 15.6″ laptop, my tablet, pens, flash drives and even more, all within easy reach once you open it.

travelon anti theft bags
The slim backpack closed


Like all Travelon  gear it is loaded with it anti theft tricks, including a slash proof mesh on the front, lockable zippers, and wired straps to prevent them from being slashed. The cover of the backpack is zipped on and off  and also has velcro to quickly cover it in case you don’t want to zip it off completely. It is light, durable and and a great bag for college students  and working pros.

Pros: Flat non-bulky design, organized compartments, professional looking, comfortable.

Cons: Zipper has a tendency to slightly get stuck around the sharp corners.

Large Messenger Style Shoulder Bag

Designed for female students and working professionals, this shoulder bag also fits its name like a glove. Its main feature is a protected compartment for a 15.6″ laptop, and also has plenty of storage compartments for documents, binders, a smart phone, business and credit cards, pens and even a small water bottle. It is large enough too to be able to hold a sweater, and thus is designed for it to be the single bag you would need.

Regarding safety features, it has RFID protective card slots to prevent credit card info to be stolen anonymously, the should strap is slash proof thanks to a wire that goes through it, it has a mesh panel to protect it from being slashed and the zippers are lockable too.

Pros: Large, good looking, plenty of storage compartments, light.

Cons: Not many designs, it may be too big for smaller females.

travelon shoulder bag
Large, stylish and well thought out this shoulder bag has all the space you will need.

Anti Theft Signature Tote

If you need a small shoulder bag where to keep all your belongings safe, want to be able to move around without carrying weight and don’t have much to bring along with you this is your bag. In fact, it is so well though out that you can leave your wallet at home or the hotel, as it has compartments for credit cards, space where you can put your money and ID, another one for your cell phone and a few more where you can carry extra things like a small sweater or a scarf . It is similar in purpose to the anti theft shoulder bag I reviewed a while ago my wife uses whenever we’re traveling, but with more style thrown into it making it perfect if you have to be slightly dressed up.

Regarding safety features it has the slash proof shoulder strap, meshed panel, lockable zippers and RFID card slots.

Pros: Style, compact.

Cons: Not many colors to choose from.

hand bag tote travelon
Compact, stylish and light, it’s your ideal travel companion for a day out visiting a nice city during your vacation.



There are hundreds of travel brands that make all kinds of travel gear but only a selected few focus on anti theft features. Travelon is one of these few brands that designs and manufactures safe traveling gear accessible to all budgets. Their razor proof panels avoid this not so common theft act but the cut proof straps are certainly a goof way of keeping your valuables safe when walking in areas of big cities where this might be a problem. I have never been a victim of active theft during my travels, but do know and have known  many people who have. While I could give you many travel safety tips your best bet is to use common sense and, if you fear theft could still be a problem, anti-theft travel gear by Travelon will probably give you the peace of mind you need while keeping it simple, stylish easy to use- If these bags have become part of my standard travel gear I’m sure they will suite you too.

Note: does not ship products outside of the USA and Puerto Rico. Travelon does however distribute to retailers in certain parts of the world that sell a selection of Travelon products. To view a list of retailer websites, please visit Some travel accessory and luggage stores sell Travelon products, although our products are not in every country.


The products featured in this review were provided to my by Travelon at no cost, however all reviews, thoughts and pictures remain my own. To learn about these and many other anti-theft travel products they have visit


Have you ever been a theft victim during your travels? Where? What happened? What safety precautions do you now take? Would this gear be a solution to your fears? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and this post too if you think others might find it useful!



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  1. I’ve never heard of many of these anti-theft features in bags before! The wire making straps impossible to slash is a great idea…although my one concern about that is, if someone wants your bag badly enough to use a knife to cut it from your body, what’s going to stop them from physically harming you with said knife if they can’t get the bag as easily as they hoped? I know it’s a cynical thought but I’m more worried about my own physical safety in cases of theft than anything I might stand to lose. I wonder if there are any testimonials floating around the internet that can verify their effectiveness? Nice review 🙂

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