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Gap Year Travels: The Best Way To See The World


In the UK, gap year is the year between graduating from secondary school and the start of higher education. Most students take the year off to visit other places, work odd jobs, or just visit the world, if they have the budget. Nonetheless, some younger people spend the gap year by going to a foreign country and working there for less than a year to sustain their vacation. Here are a few gap year ideas:


Road trip around UK

UK may be your home but seldom do residents take the time to really explore its nooks and crannies. Embark on a road trip around UK’s coastal towns and hidden getaways. Start off with England’s southwestern coastal towns Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset. Check out countryside restaurants and visit local celebrities such as St. Ives’ sculptor, Barbara Hepworth. From London, St. Ives is about 300 miles away. Spend a few nights there and immerse yourself in the art culture of St. Ives. Drive on to England’s westernmost point, Land’s End in Cornwall, about 15 miles away from St. Ives. After which, drive on to Fowey, then Salcombe, and finally Bridgeport. Spend a few days in each so you can really enjoy the coastal towns and the beaches.

Around the globe

Maximize your gap year and travel to as many countries as you can. Experience a global gap year visiting Southeast Asia, Australia, and South America. For the Southeast Asia leg, experience the culture of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Linger on the pristine beaches of Thailand or the Philippine islands. Experience the food in Singapore and do a bit of shopping in Hong Kong. Head on over to Australia and New Zealand. Get a Greyhound bus pass and take the bus anywhere in Australia, jumping from town to town. Experience the outback lifestyle or stick to the coast and surf away. Fly to Auckland and take a bus with the locals. Experience the bed and breakfasts and the rolling hills of New Zealand. Visit the set of the popular movie franchises The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The South America leg includes more than 15 days of travel from Santiago, Chile to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Have a taste of local Chilean wine, swim in Rio’s white beaches, and experience the nightlife that Rio has been popular for. Learn a little bit of Capoeira and show off your new skills when you see your friends at home.

Work + Travel

Some people might not have the budget to embark on global adventure for almost a year. However, there is a way—travel to a new place and work there. Some gap year travelers spend their gap year enjoying the surfing beaches of Australia. To sustain their expenses, they take part time jobs that allow them to enjoy the vacation without worrying about their funds dwindling away. Some tour operators offer Work + Travel options, with them handling the administrative stuff such as finding you a job, taking care of tax matters, and setting up a bank account in your name.


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