December 21

Sushi Village: Fine Japanese Food in Whistler, BC


Soon after arriving to Vancouver I learned that this part of Canada is a big fan of Sushi, and Whistler is no exception. With plenty of fine dining restaurants to choose from catering to all international cuisines, why not indulge in what locals seem to have become really good at?

Located in downtown Whistler and within walking distance of any of the most popular hotel choices in the area Sushi Village has been a favorite for quite a few years as you’ll read in any review website you’ll find online. In fact it had been recommended by some local people soon after we arrived and had already decided to drop by soon after. We wondered how its food with compare with that of the sushi restaurant we’d eaten in Vancouver a few days before…

sushi village whistler
The restaurant

How Good is it?

Very good. In fact damn good. While the restaurant is well decorated without it being fancy-  perfect with me because it’s good food that I’m after when I eat at a specialty restaurant-  Sushi Village did not disappoint, in fact has become a benchmark for the future. Instead of  eating a couple of dishes we decided to try a sample menu with a great selection of their best, and were surprised with some unique delicacies we had never eaten anywhere else, and doubt we will. These are pictures of what we ate, and as you may well imagine something that looks this good can only be this good.

sushi village whistler
sushi village whistler
sushi village whistler
sushi village whistler
Delicious sushi rolls
sushi village whistler
How about a volcano roll?
sushi village whistler
How about some algae ice cream for dessert?


We loved every single dish we ate, but if there’s one that stood out over the rest it was the  seafood. Full of flavor and tender, these exquisite mollusks left us in awe and wondered why the portion would not include three times as many (OK, that may be just me wanting more).

I was a guest of Sushi Village, however all the pictures and comments in this post are entirely my own, as always. I guess sushi that looks this good cannot be bad at all can it?

How much do you like sushi? What is your favorite dish? Share your thoughts with us and this post too if you think others may find it useful!



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