February 26

The Watertown Hotel Seattle


“Whenever I go to Seattle I always stay at a Pineapple group hotel, they’re superb. Just spend a night in one of them and you’ll know why.”

I have to admit that I had never heard about the Pineapple Group Hotels, but this sentence written by a female traveler that I read somewhere online when looking for interesting hotels in Seattle spiked my curiosity. I’m not sure if it was the quirky name of the group, the bluntness of the traveler’s sentence or a combination of both that made me search about these hotels, but what I found online certainly promised a good experience. I got in touch with them and they were very friendly from the first moment; after looking at their options (they have four hotels in Seattle)we decided to visit the Watertown Hotel.

watertown hotel seattle
The Watertown Hotel in Seattle: I like it!


The Watertown Hotel is located in Seattle’s University District, near the University of Washington. It’s in a relatively quiet street at night yet very close to shops, restaurants and stores where to walk to during the day. There’s a liquor shop right in front and a nutrition health shop about a minute away to the right when walking out the front door as I remember. And while it may not be a in a very touristy area, it offers complimentary bicycles and a free  shuttle to downtown, dropping you wherever you want to go and picking you up at an agreed time at one of the agreed pick-up spots. I found this to be super convenient, and the drive is under 15 minutes long (unless traffic plays a major role).

The Watertown Hotel

As soon as I walked into the hotel I understood why that traveler likes Pineapple Hotels so much: they exude character, and a unique one I might add. I mean it is Seattle, and stepping into a hotel and seeing color and tropical logos around does kind of take you to a different place. The furniture and neon lights are also stylishly colorful, with the hotel’s design blending into the urban and trendy image Seattle portrays.

watertown hotel seattle
Who says Seattle is gray?
watertown hotel seattle
Another view of the lobby area

watertown hotel seattle


The Rooms

Space! Lots of it! If there’s one thing most travelers appreciate when stepping into a hotel room it’s space, and The Watertown hotel does not disappoint. The room had plenty of furniture with a suite-ish layout, having the bathroom and coffee area in one side, the bed and working space in another. Something that got my attention was the sink and faucet there is upon walking into the room; could this be to wash your hands as soon as you walk into it, or to leave the umbrella on those rainy days? Didn’t quite figure it out, but it was handy. The bed was very comfortable and the room was silent, ideal to rest. Oh and there’s free Wi-Fi too.

Perhaps one thing I would recommend you would be to cheer up the rooms a bit. The hotel lobby and common areas are very colorful and exciting, yet I found the room to be a bit dull. Sure, we don’t want them to be eclectically painted in neon reds, greens and yellows ( rooms are for resting), but the walls were nice and comfortable but a bit dull  when compared with the rest of the hotel in my opinion.

watertown hotel seattle
See how much space there is?
watertown hotel seattle
At the far right you can see the sink I was talking about. Unusual, but handy.
watertown hotel seattle
The toilet and washing area.


The Watertown Hotel in Seattle is a member of the Pineapple Hospitality group and, just as I’d heard, offers great service at competitive rates in a trendy hotel. The staff is particularly welcoming and helpful in a personal way despite the size of the hotel, and its cheerful lobby excites you even during rainiest of days. The complimentary shuttle is the icing on the cake, and while the rooms are not as fun they are very well laid out, spacious, super clean and great to relax- or even spend some time. My recommendation? Definitively consider the Watertown or any of their hotels in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco- I plan on doing so too.

Seattle space needle
The Space Needle. I just felt like throwing this pic into the post (no, the hotel is not this close to it).


Watertown Hotel Website: http://www.watertownseattle.com/

My stay at the Watertown Hotel was complimentary, however all opinions and pictures taken in this article are entirely my own.


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