March 16

Managing Your Investments Online: Nutmeg


Managing an investment portfolio on your own is possible but it comes with the hassle of monitoring as well as re-balancing it, often resulting in trading charges that are quite high. Nutmeg, an online discretionary investment management company, takes away this task by offering a service in which they build as well as manage an investment portfolio on your behalf. The service offered ensures your investments are well diversified thereby increasing the chances of you profiting.

nutmeg online investment management

What Can Nutmeg Do?

The investment company was founded by two investment gurus, Shaun Port and Nick Hungerford, who hold the positions of Chief Investment Officer and Chief Executive Officer respectively. These two work as a team and are supported by renowned UK economists that form its advisory board.

The investment management company that is wholly run on an online platform offers users an opportunity to have their portfolios managed conveniently and in a transparent manner as well. Nutmeg, offers a number of unique features that give them an edge over other companies offering similar services. These features are placed in three main categories that include diversification of investment, tailored portfolio and overall management of funds.

First, the Nutmeg team understands the need to spread risk as well as opportunity when it comes to their customers’ portfolios and this they demonstrate by investing their money in varied investments and even countries to reduce chances of loss of funds. This type of diversification ensures that your chances of getting higher returns also improve because the portfolio is created and even managed by Nutmeg. According to their website, the investment company prefers to trade using ETFs that are of high quality because they are highly liquid and are low cost as well.

Secondly, on Nutmeg’s website, customers are allowed to build a portfolio that matches their investment goals. The investment team encourages users to provide information on their risk tolerance, amount of funds and length of investment to assist them advice on the best portfolio for a customer. As per the Nutmeg site, they currently handle ten portfolios that are each made up of a combination of investment assets.  The portfolios cater for customers that are cautious about investing and those that want to take more risks. In most cases, the portfolio suggested for an investor will be closely associated with their goals and personal situation.

Lastly, the management of all your investments is done through the Nutmeg site and can be accessed at any time. This type of transparency offered by the investment team at this financial company makes it possible to focus on other interests while your portfolio remains in safe hands. The financial experts at Nutmeg monitor as well as rebalance the portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that it matches your goals. In case of any problem, the site also offers excellent customer support that can be reached through live chat, phone or Nutmail that are comepletely secure.

Overall, is a site worth checking out if you are looking for affordable services that manage your investment portfolio in a professional manner.


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