April 16

Must see destinations for your Australian Holiday


Australia is a perfect holiday destination for individuals as well as families because of the many attractions spread all around the country. Planning your trip early and identifying the best places to visit when in Australia will guarantee an unforgettable time that will leave you excited and well rested as well. For first time visitors or those returning to the country for holiday, there are a number of destinations that are a “must see” and they are:

  • Great Barrier reef

This natural reef is considered to be one of the national treasures in the country and has continued to be a wonder for both the locals and visitors. As one of the top wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef offers a breathtaking view of a coral reef that is larger than any other in the world. Visitors to the reef have a once in lifetime chance to view unique marine life in this great wonder. In addition, this large reef is made up of tropical islands that give you a chance to enjoy many activities on the beach. Other activities, which can be enjoyed at this magnificent reef, include scuba diving, whale watching, snorkeling, views of marine life through glass-bottomed boats and helicopter tours among others.


  • Uluru

The majestic landscape of Uluru promises a desert experience like no other, making it a must see destination for many tourists visiting Australia. It is an iconic landscape in the country that opens a window into the spirituality as well as indigenous culture of the people that lived in the area for many years. Exploring Uluru can be done in a number of ways if you are to experience the landscape in all its glory. Some of the ways to do so include riding a motor cycle across the desert or even a camel if you prefer animal transport; enjoy an aerial view using a hot-air balloon or even a helicopter; hire a guide to give you a glimpse into the ancient traditions of the Aboriginal people.

  • Flinders Ranges

Flinders Ranges, located in South Australia, offers a magical experience of beautiful rugged terrains that have been existence for millions of years. The natural vegetation of the area mainly consists of gum trees that are thick and gnarly, giving the ranges an ancient look that is quite fascinating. The national landscape has a number of locations that are worth visiting such as the Wilpena Pound which can be explored both on foot and by air. This exploring will lead to bushwalking trails that allow visitors to enjoy the scenery and discover rock art sites among other wonderful sites.

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  1. I want to take a picture with the Kangaroos, that’s on my to do list, when I go to Australia. I hear Kangaroos are eaten as well?

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