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Exciting Ways to Travel in Australia


If you have never been to Australia, then you are missing out on one of the best destinations in the world. It is a vast country with a number of scenic places to visit and enjoy doing diverse activities as an individual, couple or group. Getting to different places around Australia can seem daunting especially when you want to get the most out of your vacation. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that can make your exploration of Australia much easier and more fun. The most preferable option is the use of cars that have been rented out from companies across Australia.


Majority of the roads in Australia are well maintained and connected to various parts of the country, which makes it easier to get from one place to another by driving. Hiring a car from the many rental companies in the country will give you a chance to reach many popular destinations at your own convenience. Finding a good rental company can be a bit challenging but with the internet, searching for one has been made much easier. Make sure that the site is genuine and the reviews about the site are positive so that you are confident about working with them.

Making the decision to hire a car in Australia with Drive Now is a good way to explore travel routes such as the road from Sydney on the way to Brisbane which gives you a chance to enjoy seaside towns as well as the hinterland among others. The rental company offers different types of cars such as a caravan, saloon or even four-wheel drive which can make your trip around Australia much more enjoyable. In addition, browsing through the site will give you a chance to check out their rates and select the best car that meets your budget.

Apart from car rental, other options that you can use to enjoy travelling within Australia include:

Rail travel

Travelling by train is another adventurous way to get to know Australia much better especially since the rail network is in good condition. Furthermore, using trains is cheaper especially when travelling long distances and you get to enjoy different scenery along the way. Whether you are travelling in the budget or luxury compartment, the train ride will remain memorable as the services offered are high quality at all times. Ensure that you take the popular rail journeys offered to tourists such as the Ghan Travels that take you from Adelaide to Darwin while allowing you to explore the Red Centre of Australia.

Air travel

Since Australia is a big country, flying from one destination to another is usually the most convenient way to reach different destinations within a short time period. This type of travelling gives you more time to enjoy various activities when you land and you can still rent at a car to help you move around the final location. In most cases, the fares are generally affordable and with proper research you may be able to get lower fares online.


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