July 13

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Visiting Romania


While Romania may not be as hyped as several other tourist destinations in Europe, its vast collection of things to see makes it a worthy one, especially in the summer. It has a considerable Black Sea coastline, which the government insists on promoting overseas, but it also has many other things worthy of exploring – vast mountains, the Danube Delta, castles and fortifications, traditional settlements and cultural venues. Here are some tips on what to visit in Romania and what to keep in mind when going there.

The Mountain Trails

As I said, Romania has a considerable Black Sea coastline, but it’s by far not as high quality (and maybe not even as cheap) as similar areas in Bulgaria, Croatia or even Greece. But let’s forget about the seaside for a change, and take a look at the mountains of Romania. They are vast, and often untouched wilderness – if you remember, even Bear Grylls has gone there for a survival episode with forests and bears involved. The Romanian mountains have several reservations that can be visited either with a guide, or individually. Small villages often offer visitors cheap and traditional accommodation, and the sights can be incredible. Beware – Romania has the largest brown bear population in Europe in the wild, and sometimes they can be dangerous. Besides, you can find wild cats, lynx and wolves in the mountain forests.

Perhaps the most accessible areas for foreign visitors are in the Western Carpathians. Several destinations here are accessible by train, and camping is permitted in many locations. Besides, there is mobile internet coverage in several areas in the wild, so you can even play euro palace online casino games while camping. A big plus for many. It has cliffs to climb and caves to explore.

The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a unique ecosystem with hundreds of species of animals, birds and fish native to the area. It is the best preserved river delta in Europe, and one of the largest ones in the Old World. It can also be visited individually or through guided tours. You can find all varieties of accommodation here, from resorts with many stars to beds rented out by locals in small villages. A great destination – and it is also close to the Black Sea coastline, if you feel like continuing your vacation on the seaside.

A few things to know

You can find many people who speak English in the urban areas in Romania, but in small villages foreign language speakers are much more rare. It’s best to have a phrasebook with you at all times if you plan to leave “civilization”.

The national currency is the Romanian leu – there are many exchange offices in urban areas, and larger villages or communes have banks where you can exchange, albeit at a rate not as great. Avoid exchanging with roadside individuals – they are most likely out to con you.

Many restaurants offer a daily menu which is affordable and filling – you can eat a complete meal with soup, main course and sometimes even dessert for as low as $3.


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