September 23

Tips to Chose Your Ideal Cruise


Cruise holidays are great; you spend a few weeks on the high seas, living in the lap of luxury and also get to dock in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet.

cruiseIf you’re planning a cruise holiday for the first time, you’ll probably have lots of questions to ask, such as where is the best place to go? When should I travel? When should I book? And how do I find those all-elusive last minute cruises? Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the perfect cruise trip for you.

Where should I go?

Another great thing about cruises is that the possibilities of where to go are limitless. You can go on a cruise to the Caribbean, you take in New England in the northeastern United States, and Canada, or you could even head down to the Amazon if you’re feeling really brave.

The destination that you choose will be largely dependent on your personal circumstances and your interests, and it’s vital to do some research before you book. For example, if you want to travel to the Caribbean, have an idea of where it is that you want to go and which islands you’d like to see. They vary in attractions, and it’s important you set your itinerary to the places you most want to visit. The Caribbean quite vast, and the islands can be further apart than you’d think, so if you want to take in Barbados and the Bahamas, be prepared to look for a cruise that visits both of these islands.

When should I go?

Like all holidays, cruise holidays have high seasons and low seasons. When these seasons are will vary on the destination and the time of year, but as a general rule, the high season will be during the summer (for each hemisphere), when the weather is at its best and the tourist attractions are open.

The plus points of travelling during the high season is that you’ll probably get good weather, meet more people and see more attractions. On the down side, you will pay more for the trip, as it is the most popular time to go on a cruise and the cruise ships can get quite busy.

Look at your personal circumstances; if you have children, you may be limited to travelling during the high season, as you’ll be bound by school holidays. If you’re foot loose and fancy free, the off-peak season, will be quieter, and more affordable.

How to find a great deal

If you want to save money on your cruise holiday, then some rules apply. Book early if you need to travel during the high season, look for cruise deals with added perks, such as freebies, or even the hallowed $50-a-night cabin and you will save money.

Last minute cruises are available, but you have to be ready to compromise on things, such as cabin size, type of ship and even your destination.

Cruise holidays are an awesome way to see the world, so why not try something different this year?


Amy Holloway is a freelance journalist that has written for travel magazines for over ten years. Cruising is one of her favourite ways to travel, and whenever she can she drags her small daughter and partner along for the ride.


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