September 29

How to Choose Your First Caribbean experience


The Caribbean is an exotic and luxurious place to visit, and if you are going for your first time you are definitely in for a treat. Here are a few tips to think about when you are booking your vacation and when you arrive for your Caribbean experience.

Choosing an island

With so many islands to choose from this will probably be your biggest decision. The beauty of the Caribbean is that each of the islands has its own unique personality. From the scenery, the people, the activities and the accommodation, you will find a different holiday awaits you on each island. This doesn’t make it easy to choose though. If you want pure relaxation on a beach, then an island such as Aruba will probably suit best, however, if you want action packed adventure then you will be better going to Curacao or Dominica.


Image by Serge Melki used under the Creative Commons license.

Choosing the best time of year

The best climate in the Caribbean is usually between December-April. During these months it is the driest, and is pleasantly cool in the nights. However, this makes it the most popular time to visit and so the prices are often a lot higher. Heading to the Caribbean in the shoulder seasons of April or May is usually the cheapest time to travel to this part of the world and still enjoy decent weather. These months are also less crowded as the most popular times are over the Christmas and New Year period.

Where to stay

This depends on what you want from your vacation and which island you have chosen. Most islands have a range of large all-inclusive complexes, villas and beachside hotels but many also have smaller run guesthouses that have to be booked directly. If you choose to stay somewhere like Cuba you also have the opportunity to stay in local peoples’ homes, which is usually much cheaper and gives you a very authentic Caribbean experience.

How to visit the Caribbean on a budget

Nobody wants to overspend on their vacation but there are a few ways you can stick to your budget. Choosing an island that has cheaper flights will keep the costs down, and staying in a smaller, less commercial hotel or guesthouse will help as well. The Dominican Republic is usually one of the cheapest of the islands to stay on, but it is worth shopping around to find out the average price of food and drinks on different islands and this soon adds up.

The Caribbean is a destination that everyone should visit at least once. The sun, sand and scenery are stunning and each island will offer you something different. Once you have been for your first Caribbean vacation the only problem you will have is choosing which island to visit next.


Trudy Neames grew up in Florida and had the privilege of being whisked away to the Caribbean numerous times in her childhood.  Trudy is now a travel writer that specializes in all things Caribbean, including going on holiday there!


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