October 12

The Embassy Suites Seattle Tacoma


It had been quite a few years since I had last stayed at an Embassy Suites hotel- roughly about 6- but I had very good memories of it and was hoping that its quality had not changed. Above all I remembered two things:  the rooms are comfortable and spacious, and even more important, the breakfast buffet was  exquisite. Would it be on par this time?

The Hotel

The Embassy Suites Seattle Tarmac hotel is conveniently located less than five minutes away from the airport. It has a much needed free shuttle bus (just call the hotel from the phone in the shuttle bus pick up area) that will reach you in less than ten minutes and the driver will help you with the luggage.

embassy suites seattle
The picture is not as enticing as the hotel really is. As we were there for only 6 hours and it was night time the picture certainly lacks color.

The hotel looks like any other hotel when seen from the outside, but it is very different once you walk through the main door and reach the lobby:  the hotel is built around a very large central courtyard with trees, a fountain, and the breakfast area set like an outside café.  Don’t worry if it rains though-  the whole courtyard is covered by the building’s roof.


The Suites

The rooms have space, lots of it. You can easily see this by looking at the pictures below, and you’ll notice that there are several clearly defined areas, ideal for long term stays. There’s  a small living room section,  an office area with table and working chair, a kitchen area and the room.  The kitchen has a fridge, sink, coffee machine and a few extra details for your occasional in-room meal.  As for the room, it has a king size bed, TV, and something that most hotels don’t include: slippers.


As a business hotel with multi day stays in mind the hotel has a very good fitness center, pool area and  a business center where you can print your airline tickets , send faxes or what not.


The Breakfast

This is the best part of Embassy Suites Hotels in my opinion, and the hotel in Seattle was no exception.  Despite having a very early flight the following morning the staff was already working by 5 AM,  and you  could pick and choose the kind of food you like best: if you have a sweet tooth like me there were pastries, cereal, toast , and more. There were of course yoghurt, coffee, several juices  and instant chocolate too.  I was surprised to see that by that time it was already possible to get a freshly made omelet or scrambled eggs with the ingredients of your choice, and while I was not as hungry at that time in the morning  I was happy to see them as an option.  It was a pity that I had to leave so early, otherwise I would have spent quite some time enjoying the great food and service.


My Thoughts.

I like Embassy Suites hotels. Period . Sure, they may be designed with mid to long term business stays in mind, but it’s alsogreat for large groups of people and conventions- it was the hotel chosen by some school soccer league while we were there, with kids to be seen pretty much everywhere.  I liked the rooms, the coffee and , like always, the superb breakfast, but I did find the room internet to be weak  and the computers in the business center needed some cleaning. Other than these minor details the hotel was great and I highly recommend it if you need a hotel  close to Tacoma International Airport, whether if you’re traveling alone for business or with your family- the kids will love the indoor patio and fantastic breakfast.


Link to website: Embassy Suites Seattle Tacoma

I was a guest of the Embassy Suites Seattle Tacoma, however all opinions shared in this post are genuine and entirely my own, like always!

What’s your favorite hotel? Have you ever stayed at an Embassy Suites? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and this post too if you think others may find it useful!


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