November 30

The Best Bed & Breakfast in Juneau?


It’s a fact: most travelers who visit Alaska’s capital city do so on a cruise. It’s a romanticized concept of travel though, as the beauty of Alaska lies within the land, no as much as the ocean. Sure, you’ll get great views and see fantastic forests, but it’s the city life, and most important, unchanged vegetation that really make Alaska unique.  And if you’re one of the few travelers who- like me- really want to explore each destination and spend time on land getting to know more of the people, food and local way of life then you’re going to need a place where to stay. There’s several great options within the city, from small, modern hotels to standard business hotels. But if you prefer a “home away from home” feeling then a Bed and Breakfast is what you need, and among the few that Juneau has the Beachside Villa is probably the best when considering location, views, service and quality.

best bed and breakfast juneau
The room as seen from the breakfast/ working table.


The Beachside Luxury Villa B&B is located on Douglas Island, right in front of Juneau. Sure, you’re not in downtown, but getting to it requires only a 20 minute lovely walk from the city across the bridge. And best of all it is because of this that from any of the rooms you’ll get unparalleled waterfront views of Juneau and the mountains behind the city, as well as a place from where to see auroras if lucky and the cruise ships that come and go every day.

best bed and breakfast juneau
View from the B&B at night

The Beachside Villa Luxury Inn

All the rooms in the villa face the lake and Juneau, offering a relaxing and wonderful way of beginning and ending every day.  We stayed at the Honeymoon Deluxe suite, the first room as you walk into the porch. It is very spacious, luxurious, with a fantastic “homey” feeling to it. The room has an indoor bathroom with a double head shower and window with scenic outdoor views, as well as a Jacuzzi in the main area, a fireplace, and a working/ breakfast table with two chairs. The king size bed is extremely comfortable and during peak season (May-September) Susan (the wonderful owner) offers oatmeal, pastries, juice, coffee tea hot chocolate as well as afternoon cheese, beverage tastings and snacks. She’ll be happy to help you with anything you need during your stay, including restaurant recommendations and tour bookings (all rooms have a binder prepared by her with a ton of information on what to see and do, as well as tours available), yet if you are on of those who prefer to explore on your own and doing solo research the room has good quality Wi-Fi .

best bed and breakfast juneau
The Jacuzzi, fridge and breakfast table

My Thoughts

Simply put, I can’t think of a better place where to stay in when visiting Juneau. The room is impeccable, breakfast is good and plenty, the views of Juneau are probably the best you can get, and it all feels cozy and comfortable. I do have to point out that reaching the room from the street requires guests to walk down a stairway with about 20 steps or so, which might be a deterrent to people with limited mobility or of an advanced age (specially when bringing the suitcase). But if these steps present no issue to you then you’ll be happy you chose the Beachside Villa as your home away from home when visiting Juneau.

best bed and breakfast juneau
The room as seen from the door to the bathroom




Do you have any questions about the villa? What kind of place would you like to stay in while in Juneau? Have you been here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and this post too if you think others may find it useful!

I was a guest during my stay at the Beachside Luxury Villa, but all the pictures and opinions in this article remain entirely my own.


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