June 16

A Delightful Weekend in East Sussex


England is a country known worldwide for football, the Big Ben, The Beatles or the Queen.  It is a country with unique history, top landmarks, and beautiful attractions but over all jaw-dropping landscapes.

England is one of the most demanded places for holidays, London ranked number 2 on the list “The most visited cities in the world”, but most people only visit big cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool, forgetting historic cities and stunning places like East Sussex.

East Sussex has it origin in the ancient kingdom of the south Saxons; the Saxons made East Sussex their home, after the departure of Romans.  Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings are 3 stunning cities that worth a visit. If you are planning a getaway we encourage you to discover the beautiful home of the Saxons and enjoy a delightful weekend in East Sussex.

  1. Brighton

Probably the most famous city of East Sussex; Brighton is fresh, with a dazzling arts scene and bohemian character; it is an eclectic mix of history and modernity, with no doubt a beautiful seaside city. Brighton has always been a fashionable city, since times of the King George IV; exotic… thanks to the Royal Pavilion, a castle with an outside architecture inspired on The Arabian Nights dream, with palm trees and pagodas inside. You cannot miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful oriental fantasy in England.

Brighton is a perfect destination if you are planning to travel with kids, in fact Brighton is a family friendly location; the local government has created many activities in order to fulfill the demand for family tourism. Are you planning a holiday with your kids? Book now your accommodation on kid friendly hotels through HotelNights.

Did you watch Sweeney Todd movie? Some scenes of the movie were shot on the beautiful pier of Brighton. During summer and on weekends the pier is the perfect place to be if you are travelling with kids! On the pier you and your family can enjoy the typical attractions from carnivals such as clairvoyants, candy floss and incredible rides at the roller coaster.

  1. Hastings

Considered one of the most historic towns in East Sussex, Hastings is famous for “The battle of Hastings”.  For centuries Hastings has been a very important place in England, in 1066 the Battle of Hastings, for centuries was a very important fishing port in Europe, in 1760 Hastings became a popular spot for therapeutic bathing in the sea and with the railway arrival Hastings became a very popular seaside resort.
east sussex
Probably the most important place you have to visit while you are in Hastings is the Castle, to be more specific, the remains of the Castle. Book the 20 minutes tour around the ruins and learn more about British History; the ruins and the breathtaking views at the top of the cliff worth it.

Hastings as most seaside villages, has a large tradition of smuggling, intrigues and suspicious activities… if you are travelling with kids you must visit one of the famous attractions related to these “illegal activities”: Smugglers adventures at the caves of St. Clements. Smugglers adventure and Blue Reef Aquarium is the best activity to learn more about the history of this coastal town.

  1. Eastbourne

Eastbourne has been declared the sunniest place in the United Kingdom. The beaches of Eastbourne have won many awards due to the quality of its waters; Eastbourne is a top place to enjoy a delightful weekend in East Sussex during summer.

Eastbourne offers one of the most iconic images of the English Channel: “Beachy head”, the famous chalk cliffs. Those high White Mountains that rise from the sea are a marvelous spectacle. “Beachy Head” is located only few miles away from Eastbourne; it is reachable by many paths; the views from the top of the cliffs are breathtaking.

Eastbourne is famous for 2 international events: The International Tennis Championship, considered by the athletes “Pre-Wimbledon”, is a tournament where promises and top players fight each other to death in order to win the cup. The other top event is “Eastbourne Airbourne” the annual free air-show, one of the biggest shows of its kind in the world. The Airbourne consists in spectaculars aerobatic that includes helicopters and fast jets.

Now you have more reasons to discover England, you have no excuse East Sussex provides fantastic attractions for all kind of visitors! Discover these 3 beautiful locations perfect to enjoy a delightful weekend in East Sussex with your significant other, with your kids or why not? Alone!


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