July 21

Tips for Visiting Kuantan in Malaysia


Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country known for its beautiful islands, tea plantations, its wild jungles, and, of course, its shopping districts. Kuantan is the capital of Pahang, and it also happens to be a tourist paradise; home to the Sungai Pandan Waterfall, the Sungai Lembing Mines, and the East Coast Mall, along with many other things, you will definitely enjoy your stay while in Kuantan. Now, if it’s your first time visiting Kuantan you might be overwhelmed with all the amazing things you can do there, from choosing the right Kuantan hotel to enjoying the perfect evening out there are a lot of choices to make. And to make your trip easier, we are here to help you by sharing our favorite places and just how we plan the perfect trip.

tea plantation malaysia


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Genting Highlands

Located only 3 hours away from Kuantan, Genting Highlands is a must visit place, not for nothing it is dubbed as City of Entertainment. One of the biggest attractions of Genting Highlands is its cool weather, and the fact that it is home to the only casino in all of Malaysia. If you’d like more information on what you can do while in Genting Highlands, you can visit the official Malaysia Travel website.


Fraser’s Hill

Fraser’s Hill is a small paradise located amidst the Pahang rainforest that houses innumerable different species of plants as well as birds and animals of many kinds. In Fraser’s Hill you can enjoy some bird watching, horse riding, fishing, camping, among other activities that any nature love will surely enjoy, as well those of whom are looking for a calm, relaxing place where to spend their vacations. Fraser’s Hill is located in Bangunan Mahkota Square, Jalan Mahkota in Huantan, Pahang. Here you can find more information, such as the phone number and instructions on how to get there.


Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary

Elephants are majestic creatures and at Kuala Gandah Elephan Orphanage Sanctuary gives you the rare opportunity to get up close to this animals, and even gives you the chance to ride them! Now, if you do not wish to ride, but still want to have some kind of experience with them, then you can go down to the river and get the chance to help give them a bath!


Malaysia is a beautiful country with a lot of different things you can enjoy that you just won’t be able to experience anywhere else, from great trekking to fascinating city visiting there’s something for everyone.  Here we shared just a few, but you you can find here a lot of different things you might find interesting or worth checking them out.


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