August 25

Unleash Your Inner Explorer: The Top Gear and Gadgets for Travelers of Any Age and Stage


You’ve been cooped up all year long and you’re ready for an adventure. What do you do now? Do you opt for a European getaway or do you want to hit the open road and see where you end up? Either way, there are essential gear and gadgets that you need to look into.

Whether it’s keeping track of your location or just a few things that can make traveling easier, there are so many options available that there is really no excuse for traveling without a little help. Here are just a few of the cool products out there that can help make any trip easier.




A good GPS is an essential piece of technology in the 21st century. But a good GPS isn’t just about knowing where you are and where you are going. There are other exciting and informative aspects to any GPS that can make your adventure more fun.

GPS can help you track your speed. Most modern GPS come with a speed feature that can help monitor and even record your speed history. With this feature, you can also keep track of your gas efficiency and miles traveled. Of course, a good GPS can also keep you informed of upcoming gas stations, rest areas, restaurants and roadside attractions that you might be interested in.


DSLR Camera


No trip is complete without great pictures for keepsakes. While your phone probably has a decent camera built in, why not take your photos to the next level with a DSLR camera that is sure to make every photo a great one.

DSLR stands for: digital single-lens reflex. This means that rather than just having the typical digital capabilities of a phone camera, it also has the professional-quality lenses that photographers use everyday to capture awesome images.

DSLR cameras can be a little expensive, so treat these as a luxury. If you decide to buy one, though, do a little research and see which ones have the features that will suit you best. Just remember to set a budget and don’t be afraid to pass on ones that are too expensive. You want to make sure to have enough cash to have fun on your trip!


Find the Right Car


If you want to take a road trip, but own an economy or compact car, then maybe you should think about renting a vehicle for your journey. You don’t want to haul the family across hundreds or thousands of miles in a cramped, uncomfortable car.

There are plenty of fun vehicles out there, like a Jeep Renegade, that can offer space and off-road capabilities that can give you peace of mind when traveling. If you decide to rent, find the best car that will suit your needs. Look for comfort, durability and safety features.

Wherever you decide to go, the little things can help make your trip more fun.

Jack Steele is a remote worker who gets restless when stuck in one place for too long. Currently exploring Asia, having spent a year in Canada, you’ll find him writing about gadgets, travel and the remote-working lifestyle.


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