October 28

The Cheapest Parking in South Beach Miami

Everyone loves visiting Miami, except for the frustrating fact that finding the cheapest parking in South Beach can be a serious pain. Getting a park near the beach can be tough, and parking on the street can mean having to stop your day once an hour to feed the meter. Not fun. And it’s expensive.

So how do you go about finding the cheapest parking in South Beach without giving yourself a headache?

clevelander in Miami
Some people don’t seem to struggle when looking for a parking spot.

Two great online resources

Turns out that there’s actually a few different options. First, check out bestparking.com. They list the various parking sites around South Beach, including locations, rates and even how safe they are. The site is pretty easy to navigate, making finding decent parking a breeze. They even have an app for Android and iPhone, meaning you can even find the cheapest parking in South Beach on the fly, wherever you are, with your phone.

The second site worth looking at is the Miami Beach Official Website. Like bestparking, they have a fairly reliable list of spots to park around South Beach. They also display addresses and prices. Of course, they also list parking sites across Miami, including both North and Middle Beach. The lists are all extremely comprehensive, and you’ll be hard pressed to find any parking locations not included here. Overall, a handy tool.

 Install ParkMe.com in your phone

If you’re still having trouble finding a park, try ParkMe.com. This is a fantastic resource, largely because it actually allows you to book parking spaces ahead of time! So, along with allowing you to find the cheapest parking in South Beach, they also ensure the spot will be vacant when you show up. Like bestparking, ParkMe also has a handy app, though it’s only available on Android (sorry iPhone users). On top of this, they also provide all the information you’ll find at the other sites listed above, including locations and rates.

Lastly, if you’re considering renting a car during your trip, have a look at www.zipcar.com first. This interesting new service allows people to hire the temporary use of other people’s cars. In short, it’s basically the AirBnB of cars. Prices are around 7-10 USD/month for membership and 8-10 USD/ hour of driving, though you’ll have to cover your own fuel costs but parking is guaranteed at drop off spots. Hopefully though, that last part shouldn’t be too difficult.

Car2go was similar to Zipcar and allowed me to park anywhere, but the company pulled out of Miami in March 2016.

This is great, but which one is THE cheapest?

So, where is the cheapest parking? After having a look at a few of these sites, you may notice there really isn’t a solid answer to that question. Every parking site has its own mix of rates depending on times and days, with some offering special deals for longer term customers. On top of this, it’s worth noting most of the cheapest parking tends to be quite a while away from the beach front; indeed, most visitors are happy to pay a little extra to avoid a trek from one side of town to the other. Hopefully, though, the resources listed above should make it a little easier for you to find the most suitable parking for your own needs while visiting South Beach- I know I would’ve liked to have them.




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