December 10

A Guided Tour of Nevada


The state of Nevada offers travellers all that’s great about America. From the sandblasted desert landscapes to the glittering delights of its famous casino cities, there’s nothing like a trip to Nevada for pushing the limits of what you can expect from the US.

Although the Silver State is actually fairly sparsely populated, it’s managed to cultivate a liberal attitude that’s helped it become a fun lover’s paradise.


And where better to begin your Nevada adventure than by visiting the casino capital of Las Vegas. This gambling hotspot is populated by world-famous casinos like the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace and many others that illuminate the Strip with their gaudy neon lights.

The city’s tolerance for adult entertainment has helped it earn the nickname of ‘Sin City’, but whilst a trip to one of the big casinos is a must, there’s plenty more to Vegas than gambling. The Discovery Children’s Museum and the Mob Museum are both fun diversions, whilst the city’s neon heritage can be explored by visiting the magnificent Neon Museum.

It’s also important to note that even if you don’t have time to visit Las Vegas’ casinos, then gambling is permitted across the whole of the state. So whether you’re hitting the slots in Reno or even taking it online to sites like Betway who give you a free £1,000 to play with, you’ll never be short of gaming options.

The online option is pretty handy as there’s plenty of amazing sights to explore in Nevada. Whether it’s witnessing the marvel of engineering that is the Hoover Dam or checking out the spooky living ghost town of Austin, there’s no shortage of great photo opportunities in the stunning landscapes.

But it will always be the amazing deserts, canyons and mountain ranges that provide the most breath-taking moments in Nevada. The southern areas of the state feature the impressive Mojave Desert that includes the dramatic scenery of the Red Rocks Canyon that form eerie silhouettes against the wide open desert skies.

Further north the fun skiing resort of Lake Tahoe is nestled amidst the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range that provides plenty of opportunities for taking part in some thrilling winter sport activities.

And even if you want to try your hand as a modern-day cowboy, the ranching areas around Washoe County deliver plenty of horse-riding excitement.

So with everything from skiing to casino entertainment, and some of the world’s most stunning landscapes, it’s clear that Nevada is definitely onto a winner!


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