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The Best Apartments in New Jersey Near New York

Global Luxury Suites at Newport are among New Jersey’s newest accommodation options and without a doubt should be considered one of the best cheap hotels in New Jersey- even if they're not a hotel. They have great views overlooking Manhattan, and have a convenient location with easy access to pretty much everything you’ll need. The apartments themselves are new, large and spacious, and have tasteful decoration, including beautiful timber flooring. They also have a great range of amenities in room. On top of this, Global Luxury Suites at Newport have plenty of on site services, including a gym, pool and common areas. The staff is great, and management was very easy to work with. It’s pretty much everything you need for comfortable living or, as it was in our case, fantastic accommodation for a family (or pretty much anyone) looking for spacious accommodation when visiting New York City. For the price, I couldn’t recommend Global Luxury Suites at Newport more, and it’s the first place I'll tell my friends to look at. It’s the perfect place to stay in for a few weeks or days if you’re visiting New York City, and need somewhere decent to crash.

cheap hotel new jersey

General overview of our living room. As you can see you get a lot of bag for your buck!


Great views of Manhattan, under 10 minute train ride


Great online service and friendly staff


Modern apartments with resort like facilities.


Around 135 USD/ night.

What I like

  • Comfortable and modern
  • Supermarket nearby
  • Great for families/ groups

What I would like 

  • Affordable cribs for rent- they come in expensive.


Overlooking the Manhattan financial district skyline and less than a ten minute train ride away Global Luxury Suites at Newport are very comfortable, with modern amenities and resort like facilities. While they may not be in downtown Manhattan I don't think you'll find any other accommodation that offers as much value for money- except maybe other apartments.

Location and Transport

Global Luxury Suites at Newport are on the M2 building which is located fairly close to the Harsimus Cove light rail station, with other transport services also within easy reach. The walk to the train station is well under 10 minutes. From there, there’s pretty much direct access to popular destinations in Manhattan like Little Italy, Greenwich and more. The best cheap hotels in New Jersey certainly don't offer this convenience.

hotel new jersey

The view from our apartment. It was cloudy during the three days we were there, but it was still great!

The location gets even better when you consider how close it is to the Newport Center Mall, which offers some great shopping and food. There’s also two supermarkets within walking distance, and a few decent restaurants and bars around for nights when you can’t be bothered traveling too far. Nonetheless, actually heading over to Manhattan isn’t particularly difficult. As I mentioned before, transport connections are great, and you can be downtown in minutes. The staff at Global Luxury Suites at Newport were a big help in the early days in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Liberty Airport is just 20 minutes away. However, it’s the neighborhood that really shines. The area around M2 has repeatedly been rated one of the best areas for walking in New Jersey. It’s a great community, and one of the best things about staying here. It’s a very safe area, and I had no qualms about walking around even late at night. In the building itself, the neighbors were quiet (didn't even see them), and the staff were very professional. They were all very knowledgeable about New Jersey, and provided some great advice when I first arrived.


The Global Luxury Suites at Newport are actually in two connected towers. There’s the older Marbella, and the newer M2. Both are under the same administration, and connected by common areas on the lower levels. From the ground floor, elevators whisk guests up to the apartments on the upper floors. It’s worth checking out both towers, though the differences aren’t that major. Both the older Marbella and new M2 are modern, comfortable and just generally great places to stay in.

value apartment new jersey

Living room with the full kitchen.

As a high end accommodation in New Jersey but at a very reasonable budget for New York accommodation standards, Global Luxury Suites at Newport also offers residents a good range of on site amenities, with something for everyone. Each of the two towers has a full service concierge, and I found their help invaluable. They also have two state of the art fitness centers, with a decent range of gear to keep gym rats satisfied. To cool off, head to the 7th floor, where there’s a resort style pool free for guest use. It’s not the best in winter (which is when we were), but I can imagine it being a godsend in summer, especially if traveling with your family and kids. They also have a spa, lounge area and barbecue. If you really want to kick back though, I’d recommend the Malvasia wine room. They have a pretty good selection. It’s also just fun to tell friends you have a wine room at your "hotel".

Moving on, Global Luxury Suites at Newport also boast an exclusive clubroom, plus the Moxie resident party room. Both have wifi coverage, and are good places to relax . I particularly appreciated the children’s play area for the kids. Business guests will appreciate the good range of business class amenities on offer, including the meeting room. Try finding all these amenities at any of the best cheap hotels in New Jersey­- it won't be easy.

Apartments/ Rooms

Now let’s look at the apartments themselves. Each room is very tastefully decorated. In total, there are four different rooms on offer. The smallest are the studio apartments, followed by the single bed rooms. The largest are the three bed apartments, which are basically family sized.

best cheap hotel new jersey.

Our room. We had a crib for our baby, and there was still plenty of space to move around.

Each room comes with richly colored hardwood flooring, which juxtapose nicely with the quartz counter tops. It’s all quite modern and well designed, and everything was clean and well kept.

In room, you can also expect full size Bosch washer/dryers (yup, your kids' clothes can be packed clean when you leave), and a range of other convenient features. Everything worked great while I was there, and I didn’t have any problems with the apartment itself. All bedrooms come with sustainable made carpets, and walk in closets. The furnished apartments also feature flatscreen TVs, iPod docks and other amenities you’d expect in a luxury apartment.

hotel new jersey

The bathroom. Nothing huge, but big enough.

The bathrooms are also worth mentioning. The Travertine tiles give the bathrooms a super sleek, clean look. The baths themselves are generously sized.

Overall, the apartments are pretty spacious, particularly by New Jersey/ NYC standards. Many of the apartments also have some very good views. After all, Global Luxury Suites at Newport are located right on New Jersey’s waterfront. It’s just across the Hudson River from Manhattan's World Financial Center. Hence, there’s some great panoramas from some of the rooms that overlook the Manhattan skyline, especially at sunset.

Another great thing about Global Luxury Suites at Newport is the fact pets are welcome. It’s not particularly easy to find an upmarket apartment in New Jersey that will tolerate dogs (we didn't have one, but I know that those who travel with pets often struggle to find high quality accommodation), so I was pretty pleased to find this place.

Again, if you're looking for the best cheap hotels in New Jersey look no further. These apartments are much larger, convenient and tasteful than any cheap hotel you'll find, and at better rates too


In conclusion, Global Luxury Suites at Newport offer a solid, luxury option when visiting New York , and in my opinion the best value accommodation in New Jersey is not a hotel, but high end apartments . The location is great, with close proximity to Manhattan and fantastic views of the financial district, and some of the best of New Jersey at your fingertips. The local area is a great place to wind down, with good walking paths and a safe environment. The transport access is also fantastic, and makes staying here convenient and relaxed. I also particularly loved the fantastic array of amenities, including the gym, party room and children’s area. The apartments basically have everything you need for an active, fun lifestyle. If you can get one, I’d also highly recommend opting for an apartment with the Manhattan views. Not all apartments actually have these views, but if you can get one you’ll be in heaven. Global Luxury Suites at Newport are available both for people wanting to live long term here and also visitors staying for just a few days like us. Either way, you’ll enjoy your stay very much, just as I did.


Hotel: M2 Apartments 

Address: 401 Washington Blvd, New Jersey

Phone: +1 844-893-3465

Website: www.globalluxurysuites.com


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