March 23

3 Ultimate Rules to Traveling Light: How to Pack Your Bag Wisely


I’m guessing it’s not your first time to read an article about useful tips on packing light. The problem, however, is that among the seas of strategies to keep your luggage light, how would you efficiently pack your things and travel light? There are very simple ways to guarantee this. These techniques include proper planning, choosing the right luggage, and knowing what to pack.

It seems like packing smart and traveling light is becoming more and more essential. First of all, it’s because the cost of check-in luggage is becoming expensive. A lot of airlines are offering "go light" promos where you’ll be paying less than its normal price if you don't check in your luggage.

Another important reason is that traveling light gives you more comfort. Isn’t it better to move around with only one good size luggage with you than lugging around multiple bags with you all the time?

But the real question is, is traveling light really possible? The answer is YES, of course! In this article, I will give you the three most important rules to packing wisely and traveling light.

#1 Create a Checklist

Many people overlook the importance of making a list before packing their stuff thinking that it’s only a waste of time, when in fact, having it saves you a lot of time. The idea behind creating a packing checklist is to make sure that you do not forget anything that is important. Just given that you have an ingenious checklist, you don’t have to be worried about leaving anything that you will need during your trip.

It saves you from hours of thinking about what else you have to pack and items you should not bring with you. When making your travel list, try to categorize them into two groups: A. More important and B. Not so necessary. Obviously, you must put the most critical items to the first group and the ones you can live without in the latter group. This way, you can quickly figure out which ones are not really necessary anyway and will just put more weight on your shoulders.

#2 Get a Good Lightweight Bag

Many travelers don’t consider the weight of the bag or luggage when shopping for one! Some bags weigh heavy even without putting anything in it. Don’t buy a bag just because you like how it looks and because it is sturdy. Don’t forget to look at the specifications and see its size and weight. Rather than going for wheeled-cases, choosing square-cornered soft-sided luggage would be a better idea. These types of bag are more reliable when placed in the overhead compartments on the planes or when stuffed under the seat.

What type of lightweight luggage?

You can find different lightweight bags on the market which are designed to offer you extra comfort while on the road. So, you might be asking if you actually need a lightweight bag when you can easily grab a trolley from the airport or get a taxi to get around if comfort is your concern. Well, you have to know that all the movements you do depends upon the specific amount of pressure and regardless of how light or heavy your luggage use, you’re still bound to put a certain amount pressure by pushing it. And the pressure you experience can add stress to directly to your heart even though you are only making use of your hands.

You can find the leather cases that have a zip and wheels attached to it. These are perfect for those who are planning to do a quick weekend trip. Otherwise, those made of synthetic material would be a better choice.

#3 Make A Little Sacrifice

Well, it doesn’t mean you have to give up everything else aside from a couple of clothes, what it means is to be wise about what to pack. But how to you know which one to bring and which one to remove? Here’s how…

The first step you have to take is to look back to the last trip you had and recall if you have used all the things that put inside your bag during that trip. I am sure the answer is a big NO. Most of the time, we pack when we see some extra space in our bag, we try to put in things it even if we know they are not the important. We think we might need them at some point, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Then they end up being just a useless load of our baggage. While this might be smart, it doesn’t make your luggage lighter, so it’s best to reconsider.

This requires a little bit more research about your destination before you begin to pack your bag. Being aware of the climate and the atmosphere of your location, you will know what type of clothing’s to wear. If the weather is supposed to be rainy and cold, make sure to bring your umbrella and leave your summer outfit behind. On the other hand, if you are going to a place which a tropical climate, then it is best to leave your thick clothes and footwear.

All in all, it’s important for you to understand what you really need and what you don’t. We always hear that one of the best ways to travel is to be spontaneous, but this shouldn’t be the case when packing your bag. It is important to plan and have only the things you need if you want to travel light.

These three rules might only be among the numerous tips we read for packing light, but these should be the ones you must follow the most. If you’re really serious about mastering the art of traveling light, make sure not to forget to follow these rules.

If you find this article helpful, make sure to check out for more information about how to make your travel a lot more fun and convenient.


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