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Why Los Cabos is Where You Want to be Seen in 2017


2017 is set to be the year for Mexican tourism, and Los Cabos is ready and waiting. A set of magical Mexican twin towns perched at the end of the Baja California peninsula, Los Cabos has been a popular tourist destination since it’s development in the 1970’s. Nowadays the towns of Los Cabos are affectionately referred to as ‘Cabo’ by their loyal following of luxury travelers. Due to it’s unique landscape, short distance from the U.S. and heady mix of luxury and adventure Los Cabos attracts approximately 2 million visitors a year including a large celebrity crowd. So grab your swimsuit and start scouting those celebs.

los cabos 2017

Los Cabos is a place where opposites attract in an awe inspiring landscape. The two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José Del Cabo offer both lively nightlife and captivating culture respectively. They’re found at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula where the surrounding landscape is vast and varied. Travelers are drawn to this special place where mountains meet the desert, desert meets the sea and the Gulf of California meets the Pacific ocean.

The easiest way to appreciate this stunning scenery is to do what the Mexicans do best: eat fantastic food and drink tequila. Cocina Del Mar is a restaurant that dreams are made of. Found at the Esperanza Resort, this restaurant is cut out of the cliff face and is spread across three leveled terraces that literally drop off into the Sea of Cortez! Serving food that has made the short trip from the sea to your plate, Cocina Del Mar is a must for foodies that love a spectacular view.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Mexico Tourism Board recently created a cloud that rains tequila. So get your shot glasses ready! Los Cabos is home to some special tequila bars that shouldn’t be missed. Pancho's is a firm local favorite with an impressive selection of Tequila and bartenders who really know their stuff. Uno Mas? has a reputation for serving the best margaritas in town. Once you’ve had one, you really will be asking for ‘¡uno mas!’

Sleep off your hangover at one of Los Cabos famous beaches. Lover's Beach is framed by ancient granite rocks that open up to reveal the entirety of the Cabo coastline in all it’s spectacular beauty. Playa Del Amor is only accessible by water taxi but the trip is worth it for the safe swimming waters and soft sand. Stroll through the gap in the rocks and you’ll find yourself on neighbouring Divorce Beach. Beware - waters are as dangerous as a spurned lover.

The unique landscape and variety of activities make Los Cabos a popular tourist destination for travellers all over the world. However, it’s proximity to the State of California and the exceptional luxury and eco tourism available in the area means Los Cabos has a loyal celebrity crowd that love to spend their precious time in this exceptional slice of Mexico. Former presidents, Hollywood royalty and business moguls have all spent time in Los Cabos. Barack Obama, Adam Sandler, Michael Jordan and Cameron Diaz are just some of the celebrities that take the short trip from the States.

Mariah Carey recently celebrated her 47th birthday while staying in Cabo San Lucas. The sassy songstress chose to stay at a private villa in the uber-prestigious community of Villas del Mar. The Casa Fryzer Mansion, worth approximately $25 million, boasts a panoramic view of the Baja coastline, with six bedrooms, two suites and a full-time staff of 5 including a personal chef, butler and driver.

Mariah Carey Birthday Bash

Casa Fryzer Mansion website

A touch of luxe is available to all those wishing to travel to Los Cabos. Las Ventanas al Paraiso is a Rosewood Resort that has the perfect room for every traveller. Sensational suites, private residences and the Ty Warner Mansion all offer unparallelled level of service and comfort. Activities offered by the hotel include sports such as golf and tennis, culinary activities and ocean and desert adventures to ensure that guests are never bored.

More personal experiences are also available through a private luxury villa rental such as Villa La Roca. This gorgeous clifftop residence stretches 15,000sq.ft. over 6 levels in the Pedregal Development which is known for it’s exclusivity and unbounded luxury. It is a firm favourite with L.A. socialites with model, blogger and California native Rocky Barnes recently having enjoyed a stay there. From the villa’s location, guests are afforded awe inspiring views of the Pacific ocean, Land's End and the Sea of Cortez. Villa La Roca boasts 7 beds and 8 baths with a total occupancy of 14 people. The master suite includes a TV room, personal library and private living area. Get ready to entertain at Villa La Roca with a private pool and BBQ area, pool table, conference and entertainment room and a personal gym to sweat out all that tequila! Don’t worry about the clean up, guests’ are catered to by a personal maid and concierge service. Villa La Roca is the perfect place to just sit back and enjoy the 10 million dollar views.

Cutting the perfect balance between adventure and affluence, Los Cabos is a major destination that has contributed to Mexico’s incredible growth in tourism. And at the end of the day, if it’s good enough for Mariah, it’s good enough for me.


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