October 26

Tips for making your NYC trip more enjoyable



When touring New York for the first time, you should not feel intimidated by the big buildings and crowds. The Big Apple can be manageable and friendly for you if you are careful.

Here are some tips that will make your NYC trip more enjoyable:

Do Not Be Afraid to Wander

Because it is one of the safest city in the US, do not be afraid to wander and explore New York City or check out your favorite NYC sights. Some time ago, people were advised not to visit the Lower East Side or Alphabet City. Not any more. The highlight of your trip might be taking a leisurely stroll around the streets while gazing at people from different walks of life.

Have an Early or Late Dinner

When New York residents eat at restaurants, they like to do so between 8 and 10 pm. This means you have to make reservations in advance if you want to eat at the same restaurants. Favorite eateries such as Babbo and Daniel are usually booked for months in advance, making it hard for tourists to eat there.

However, if you call two days ahead, you can get reservations before 7pm or after 10.30 pm. This tactic will not work all the time; at some hotels, you will have to queue just like everyone else.

Scout Smaller Shops

It would be disappointing if you visited one of the fashion capitals of the world without spending money on clothes. For unique styles, head to the Lower East Side for intimate boutiques that offer vintage pieces and trendy new pieces you cannot find elsewhere.

Hear the Music

You cannot claim boredom in the city of New York, thanks to the many hangouts. You will find classic music venues, traditional jazz bars, and other places that meet your musical tastes. Because smoking is banned inside bars and clubs, you will have to do without the traditional smoky bar.

Take the A Train

tim-gouw-142876.jpgAlthough the subway system in New York is old, its trains are surprisingly fast and well marked. If you are trying to cross the city from east to west and do not want to go for taxis, opt for trains. Since subways run for 24 hours, you can take a train at any time of the day – but if you feel uncomfortable traveling alone after midnight, you can take a cab.

Pack Running Shoes

Central Park closes to traffic on the weekends and turns into an open-air biking and running track. As you work out, you will enjoy watching others doing the same. If this kind of environment does not sound pleasant to you, go on paths that are more scenic: trail next to the East River and across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Although running in the fall and spring is more comfortable, you will see many people braving the winter chill or summer heat for their fix of fitness.

Do Not Overcrowd Yourself

Many tourists cannot get over how crowded NYC is, and they end up having a bad experience because of it. If you want to avoid large groups of people, stay away from the big apple during prime tourism seasons.

Have City Etiquette

Most tourists have a bad habit of taking up the entire sidewalk thus hindering the flow of foot traffic. Most locals walk quickly and appear to be in a hurry. Respect their purposefulness by being mindful of the space around you.


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