April 4

Having A Memorable, Excellent First Travel Experience As A Married Couple


Plan Out The Trip

There are a lot of different wedding themes you can choose. You might make travel part of the ceremony itself, and have your wedding take place at the beach. You may even book it on a cruise ship! If you plan your honeymoon in conjunction with your wedding, you can kill two birds with one stone. That said, sometimes it’s just too complicated to combine these events.

Whatever you decide to do, it makes sense to plan things out beforehand. Certainly you could get married and just hit the road, but you’re going to have arguments. Even if everything goes perfectly, there will be aspects of your relationship that are tense. To reduce them, you need to know where pressure points are and avoid them as you can.

For example, consider the ceremony itself. If there are plus-sized bridesmaids, and the option you choose for dresses designs not to accommodate them, you’re going to have an issue on your hands. Certainly it’s not the worst issue you could have, but it is one that may cause unnecessary tension leading to stress that could trigger a disagreement.

Sometimes you may need to find plus size bridesmaid dresses; at Azazie.com, there are a range of dresses that: “…come in standard sizes 0-30 and fit[] all body types, including plus sizes. Curvy bridesmaids shouldn’t need to shop from a special collection elsewhere to get a dress that fits them perfectly.”

Cash Considerations

Another thing that can lead to pernicious stress is lack of funds. Even if you’ve got $10k hidden away for your honeymoon, it still may not be enough—depending on where you go and what you do, of course. What you want to do is figure out where such costs will come, and reduce them. A great way to do this is through a gift registry.

If you work with a wedding registry by Honeyfund, you’ll have access to: “The #1 honeymoon registry with 5-star reviews, gorgeous designs and exclusive discounts. Start your zero-fee honeymoon registry today!” This can ensure guests don’t give you the same gift twice, and it can also leave you open for monetary gifts which are ideal for the honeymoon.

Itinerary Flexibility

Once you do have everything roughly figured out, your next step is to determine just what kind of trip you and your new spouse want to take. Here’s the thing: you want things planned out, but you’re not conducting a military operation here. There must additionally be flexibility for discovery. You and your new spouse want to have fun together!

If you make it all about lugging baggage and sticking to an itinerary, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be at each other's throats more than is strictly necessary. When natural travel complications combine together to dash expectations, it can make you and your spouse irritated.

You want to avoid that if at all possible. You can’t avoid it forever—you’re imperfect human beings who misunderstand things and have emotional responses that are unequal to that which stimulated them. But you can understand your situation, and try to think beyond yourself.

Beyond Yourselves

A marriage is a beautiful thing, and those who are determined enough to remain together through the highs and the lows have more than just a romantic bond. Additionally they represent bastions of a local community who stand as an example to young people as regards successful living. Economically, a marital relationship is one of the most solid ones there is.

If you both think beyond yourselves, and take into account the bigger picture, this can give you the strength to carry on despite persistent difficulties. You want to get off to a good start for this to work. You can have a fine marriage with a rocky beginning, but you’ll likely have a better marriage if you can reduce avoidable areas of conflict.


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