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Hotel Holiday Inn Angelopolis Puebla Review


The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Puebla Angelopolis is a business class hotel in Puebla’s upmarket neighborhood of Angelopolis. Holiday Inn has long had a strong presence in Mexico, and their accommodation in Angelopolis has everything you’d expect from a fairly reputable brand. Expect good value business class accommodation, plus some good offers on travel packages including local tours.

puebla holiday inn

Check out the view from the lobby of the Holiday Inn Angelopolis in Puebla. That's an active volcano you see in the background, the Popocatepl. Pretty unique if you ask me!


The Holiday Inn doesn’t overwhelm guests with options, with just three types of rooms. The King and Double Queen rooms are fairly similar, with the main difference being the number of beds (one king size versus two queens). Either way, you get a reasonably spacious room with a writing desk, high speed internet and HD TV with cable. Some of the rooms have great views of Angelopolis.

holiday inn express suites puebla

View of our room with the kitchenette

The third type of room, the suites, are a notch up. They come with all the amenities of the Kings and Queens, plus a kitchenette with microwave and facilities for tea and coffee. This upgrade is very handy if you're visiting Puebla with a toddler, like we were.

holiday  inn puebla

Other Facilities

The Holiday Inn has just about everything you’d need during a short stay in Puebla. Internet is available throughout the hotel, and all rooms have room service. An on site gym is well maintained, and laundry services are speedy and professional. They also have standard business facilities, including meeting rooms. Meanwhile, the buffet breakfast is a welcome start to the day, and you won’t want to miss the view on the 14th floor. It has wonderful views of the city from a rooftop pool area.

The Holiday Inn also scores big points for its great package tours of Puebla and its surroundings. This includes a special deal with the poplar Africam safari zoo, with pick up and drop off at the hotel door. Other popular tour destinations include Cholula and Atlixco.

holiday inn suite puebla


The Holiday Inn is located in the upmarket neighborhood of Angelopolis. This is the place to be for fine dining, and the nearby Angelopolis mall is the trendiest place to be seen in Puebla. The neighborhood also has a good network of parklands, including bike trails. There’s also a few notable tourist attractions within a stone’s throw. Chief among these is the International Baroque Museum, which is just a few minutes from the hotel. This recently opened museum is one of the best in Puebla.

Angelopolis is also well connected in terms of public transport. Puebla’s historic center can be reached within around 20 minutes, and is a must-see for anyone passing through the city. Puebla was originally one of Mexico’s earliest major colonial settlements, and a key pit stop connecting Mexico City to the coast. Today, the city is best known for its culinary tradition, not to mention the impressive historic architecture dating back to the colonial era. Heading away from the city center, the outlying village of Cholula is another must see. This historic village is home to the world’s largest pyramid, and a popular spot on weekends for locals. Cholula is around half an hour from the Holiday Inn, and can be reached with public transport.


The Holiday Inn Express & Suite Angelopolis in Puebla is a no frills, very functional hotel in Puebla ideal for business travelers and families that know they will be out most of the day yet want a clean, comfortable hotel without too many bells and whistles.  Views are difficult to beat, and the buffet breakfast is a great way to get your day started.


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