October 4

3 Ways To Tell If You’re Using Your Jeep’s Winch Properly


Jeep enthusiasts who love off-roading need a high-quality Jeep winch. In the event your vehicle gets stuck in a ditch or in some mud, you will need a way to get it out. It is a powerful tool, and here are some ways to make sure you are using yours in the right way.


1. Check the Jeep’s Battery Regularly

Winches utilize a lot of power from the battery. In fact, if you use the winch for too long in one sitting, then you could do permanent damage to the battery. That is why it is recommended for off-roaders to carry a spare battery in case anything happens to the first one. However, you should check the battery you do have often on your adventures to see how it is holding up after a winching session.

2. Inspect the Rope

You need to look at the entirety of the rope before going on an excursion. This should be part of your pre-trip inspection, which should also include looking at your off road tires for a Jeep. There should be zero weak spots. If there are, then you need to replace the entire rope. After using the rope, you need to re-spool it accurately or else it will not work well next time.

3. Use a Straight Pull

To get a Jeep out of a ditch, you want to make sure the rope is attached in a straight line. You also want to unspool the rope all the way. The less line present on the drum, the more power you are able to get out of the winch system. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to free the vehicle.

You can enjoy off-roading with the right parts from the right brands. Parts from Bilstein 5100, Accel, BAK Industries and more are available. Contact a stellar online auto company to find the right parts to let you off-road with peace of mind.


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