May 28

Dollar Flight Club Review & Premium Coupon Code


Finding cheap flight deals online is such a hustle. You can spend hours browsing online flight engines as you search for the best flight deals but this is hardly an efficient process.

For the budget traveler or those who travel frequently, getting flight deals sent to your inbox is one of the great things that you can hope for- and Dollar Flight Club does just that.

Dollar flight club is a somewhat new service that simplifies the process of finding great flight deals to destinations all over the world. The platform is actually very easy to use and should provide huge discounts when used- the deals they find are bargains!

dollar flight club review

How the Dollar Flight Club Works

DFC is an online search company that browses the web for amazing flight deals and delivers them to members’ inbox. Its team of expert flight finders uses technology and historical data to find good fight deals that help its members make great cost savings on ticket purchases.

All you have to do is specify your preferred departing airport(s) and you will get flight deals delivered to your inbox.

You can opt for a free membership or a premium plan, but you get more flight deals and the chance to make great savings when you sign up for the premium plan.

dollar flight club airports

Premium Plan Benefits

I’m a premium plan member, for the reasons I explain below.

  • It’s super cheap. 40 USD/ year pretty much guarantee saving hundreds of USD on my next flight, and will help you too. But there’s even better news: I’ve been able to secure a 40% discount for MaiTravelSite readers like you, making the yearly membership price just 24 USD instead of 40!
  • As a Premium plan member you'll also also get 4X more deals delivered to you and enjoy premium perks such as huge discounts from some of the top travel brands.
dollar flight deals coupon

I'm a premium member of the dollar flight club.

  • With the premium plan, you can choose your preferred airlines and well as the departure airports that you prefer and this ensures that the deals that you receive are relevant to you. You also receive notifications on Mistake Fares which come with a lot of savings.
  • If you want to get the flight deal alerts via text message, you can add your phone number when signing up for DFC Premium plan and this will ensure that you don’t miss out on a deal.
  • DFC offers a no-obligation 14-day trial of the Premium plan and you can cancel your subscription at any time without incurring any cost.
dollar flight club example

These are the details of the deal you get when selecting one as a premium member.

Weekend Warrior Getaway Deals

Dollar Flight Club mostly sends deal alerts for international travel but it recently launched the Weekend Warrior Getaway Deals for its premium plan members. This option, however, is only available to travelers in the U.S and it makes it easy for such domestic travelers to effortlessly plan their weekend getaways.

  • Convenient Weekend Dates: All deals either depart on Thursday/Friday and return on Sunday/Monday.
  • Only Nonstop Flights They limit the number of layovers, so that deals we send are only nonstop
  • Save $250/ticket: Get the cheapest weekend flight deals leaving your home airport.
dollar flight club coupon code

Mobile App Access

Access flight deals from DFC’s mobile app for Android and iOS. Browse past deals and enable push notifications to get alerts the minute DFC gets a great flight deal from one of your preferred airports. 

Is Everything Great Then?

As good as the service is, it does have a few areas of opportunity, and from what I've been told they are looking into them.

For example, I'd prefer if the deals listed in my dashboard where organized by departing airport, as currently they all appear in a single section meaning you have to look around. 

I'd also like it if the email alerts could be sent for selected airports, not all that I chose to get alerts from. As a savvy traveler you'll sign up for alerts from your airport and airports you often connect to, but are only interested in email deals from yours.

Dollar Flight Club - Summary

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5




If you’re a flexible traveler, then DFC is for you. If you want to plan ahead you can also simply request the alerts for your itineraries and be on the lookout for potential bargains.

Some of the deals that DFC comes across are usually for specific dates and as such, only those who are flexible with their time and their points of departure and destination will be able to take full advantage of such deals.

Frequent and budget travelers will also benefit from DFC as the deals usually come with a lot of cost savings.

Yet despite these limitations at just 40 24 USD (with my Dollar Flight Club Coupon) signing up is a no-brainer even if you plan on traveling just once in your lifetime.


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