February 18

How do You Survive Long Distance Bus Travel


Traveling by bus can be tiresome and annoying, especially when you have to do an extremely long ride of about eight hours or so. Therefore, you must always gear up the adventure by getting things to do on the trip so that you don't lose your mind any soon.

antigua overrated september

The bus station in Anigua. This is what the famous chicken buses look like.

For example, Taking a da nang to hoi an bus trip can one thing, but learning how to survive the same is another thing. However, the following tips should help you have the best moments of traveling time when you make a long-distance trip by bus:

  • Plan the tour early?

If you are to have a long-distance trip, you need to prepare psychologically as early as possible; vacation travel quotes will definitely get you in the right mood, but you're going to need more than that.

 It will also help you to pack early and get the right things that you need. Long-distance travel doesn't need a rush hour or last-minute preparation as you may get on the bus with a bad mood already, which is terrible for a trip.

  • What about a night bus trip?

You'll hardly be awake on a night bust trip. That way, time will pass quickly, and before you know it, you'll be waking up to your destination. Moreover, time seems to fly faster when you travel during the night.

  • Packing light

For how long are you going to stay away from home? It would be best if you only packed the necessary things to make your luggage as light as possible. Remember when the trunk is full; you need a piece of luggage that can perfectly fit on the upper luggage rack. Don't carry something that will bog you down with carrying on the laps. Also, after travel, you'll probably be tired, and the last thing you need is to haggle around with heavy luggage.

  • Stopovers

You must inquire about stopovers even before you book a ticket.  After a certain number of kilometers, the driver should be making stops so that you replenish any supplies that have run out. You'll also need to stretch to get rid of fatigue or even visit the lavatories. Some buses don't come with washrooms.

  • Take note of beautiful sceneries

A long-distance trip needs something to distract or occupy your mind for the better part so that you don't get bored. What do you think about paying attention to the beautiful scenery along the roads? That way, you’ll need to book a seat that is close to a window for convenience. You can also carry a camera or still make use of your mobile phone camera to capture whatever fascinates you.

  • Carry your favorite book

Finally, are you an introvert who most of the above things don't make sense or appeal to? Well, don't worry as you can carry your favorite book. This way, you'll find a perfect way of enslaving your mind constructively and pass the time. If you take a long novel with a charming romance story, then you'll arrive at your destination even before you know it!

Traveling by bus may not be as sweet as finding deals by car rental companies, but you can make the journey worthwhile and constructive to survive the long hours. Moreover, if you survive it well, this can just be the beginning of your many long-distance bus travels!


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