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Hotel Casona Maria Puebla (Review)


The Hotel Casona Maria is a culinary-focused boutique hotel in the center of Puebla, Mexico.

Take a journey through the heart of Mexico’s food history at this boutique hotel in the colonial center of Puebla. The Hotel Casona Maria features one of Puebla’s best restaurants downstairs, along with 18 individually-designed guest rooms upstairs.

casona maria hotel puebla

The indoor patio

The on-site restaurant, Santo Menjurje, is a great place to try classical Poblano cuisine done well, while the upstairs bar has great views of the city.

Compact, cute and centrally-located, Casona Maria is a great base for exploring Puebla and its surroundings, and Puebla is a great city where to learn about Mexico's history and many other interesting facts.


Casona Maria has a good location right in the middle of Puebla’s colonial center. During Mexico’s early colonial history, Puebla was a major stop on the transport route between the coastal ports in Veracruz and the heavily-populated inland Mexico City.

Every wagon, carriage and conquistador traveling to or from the coast had to spend a night in Puebla, and the city swelled into the epitome of a thriving Spanish colonial city.

The heart of the city became the zocalo, a leafy plaza in front of the enormous cathedral. From there, cobble-stone streets were laid out in an orderly grid, creating row after row of stone-walled, terracotta-roofed colonial structures.

Along with the Puebla Cathedral, the Templo de la Compañia de Jesus is also worth visiting for its vibrant interior. The Capilla del Rosario on 5 de Mayo is also unmissable.

casona maria hotel puebla

The atrium in the hotel.

In the south-east corner of the center, Los Sapos is a good area for eating, and has an eclectic weekend flea market.

Or, head to the north-east portion of the city center for the Artist Quarter.


Each of Hotel Casona Maria’s rooms have been uniquely designed to reflect the characteristics of towns surrounding the city of Puebla.

One room might take its occupants to the northern mountains of Puebla state, while the next could offer a taste of the southern drylands and their unique Mixtec culture.

room hotel casona maria puebla

This was the view from our bed.

Each room is totally different, making repeat visits a tantalizing option just to see what else Casona Maria has up its sleeve.

Whichever room you end up in, it’ll come in one of four categories: a standard, a double (two single beds), a deluxe or the junior suites. 

The standards are actually the largest rooms, sleeping a maximum of four people.

casona maria puebla hotel

In this view you can appreciate the second bed (the one Teo slept in) and the bathtub. There's also a separate shower.

The juniors are intended for parents with a kid in tow, with one Queen-size bedroom and a sofa bed in the living area. The deluxe rooms tend to be the most ideal for couples.

All rooms feature en-suite bathrooms, are allergy-free and come with either street or courtyard views. Other features include iPod docks, cable TV and the standard set of toiletries you’d expect.

Other Facilities

Hotel Casona Maria is more than just its rooms; the big deal here is the on-site restaurant, Santo Menjurje.

A popular restaurant in its own right, Santo Menjurje specializes in modern takes on traditional Poblano cuisine. As the food capital of Mexico, Puebla has a long, rich culinary history, and is home to many of Mexico’s most famous dishes and drinks.

santo mejunje puebla breakfast

This is just part of what is available for breakfast

One such dish is mole Poblano, a thick sauce usually accompanied by rice and chicken. The accompaniments tend to be simple as to not take away from the complexity of the sauce itself; a potent mix of chocolate, chili and half a dozen or so spices.

Santo Menjurje is a great place to try authentic mole Poblano. Their Head Chef Victor Rosas not only knows how to whip up an intense mole, he’s also proud of Puebla’s classical food and loves to show off some of the region’s lesser-known specialties.

casona maria puebla

The breakfast offers exquisite traditional food, which to be honest I did not expect.

Don’t say no if he offers you Poblano-style blue quesadillas, ceviche or a mild tortilla soup.

For the full experience though, don’t miss the Saturday night tapas tastings, where you can try a little bit of everything.

After dinner, head up to the top floor, where you’ll find the Santo Sereno Bar. The beers are definitely on the pricey side, but you’re paying for the view, which is gorgeous at sunset.

santo mejunje restaurant puebla

We had fun during breakfast!

In one direction, you can see the entire colonial center in all its terracotta, stone and grid-shaped glory. Turn 90 degrees, and you’re staring right at Popocatepetl, one of Mexico’s most active volcanoes.

Order one of their specialty cocktails, sit back and enjoy the view.

Along with the afore-mentioned amenities, Casona Maria also has a 24-hour front desk, spa services and a gift shop.


 Casona Maria Hotel in Puebla is very well located and ideal for families and couples because of the space and quality of the rooms, detailed service, and fantastic location.

Our son was able to walk freely around without getting in harms way or bothering other patrons, we enjoyed the breakfast very much and were a ten minute walk from Puebla's city center.

I particularly recommend this hotel for couples or families, which prefer to stay in a place that isn't as business oriented but instead allows experiencing a bit of history.





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