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What to Do On Your Own in a New City


If you find yourself in a new city on your own, perhaps after purchasing one of the houses for sale, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, with so much of it unfamiliar on top of the stress of having recently moved. Of course, you're not alone - Moving.com reports that 32 million Americans moved in 2018. While that may be of some small comfort, taking advantage of these ideas will help you get to know the city while making the transition less stressful and more fun. 

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Go Exploring on Foot

There's no reason you can't explore the city on your own, but be sure to do it on foot rather than getting behind the wheel. Driving or taking public transport provides only a distorted picture, but walking will allow you to really get to know its ins and outs, discovering neighborhood gems like cafes that you might want to consider as a regular go-to spot, bringing opportunities to meet the locals. If you want to get some insider tips, consider joining a guided walking tour. 

Get Some Ideas From Your Network of Friends and Acquaintances

Take advantage of the social networks you have to find out if any of your friends or acquaintances have connections in the city - one just might turn out to be a great insider tour guide and perhaps even a new friend. Or, you might end up with lots of good tips on the best things to see and do on your own from those who've been in your shoes before.

Play Tourist

If you haven't done so already, play tourist, creating an itinerary as if you were vacationing in your new city. Check out brochures in the visitor center, do some research online, find a travel guide book, and get out and enjoy the attractions. Look for travel bloggers who provide more than just the mainstream recommendations and you'll probably get all sorts of juicy tips you wouldn't have otherwise. If there is a high vantage point of your city, a tall building open to visitors that will allow you to look over the layout, like the Space Needle in Seattle or the John Hancock Building in Chicago, be sure to go as it will provide a great perspective of your new home.

Join a Club or Meetup Group

One of the best ways to meet like-minded people is to join a club or another type of group (like Meetup.com). You'll not only be able to connect with those who have similar interests but you'll be dedicating time to doing something you truly enjoy. In most cities, there is a long list of options from active pursuits like walking or cycling to wine tasting, cooking, movie-going, and meditation. 

Try to Avoid Repeats

At least initially, try to avoid repeats so that you can experience as many new places, tastes, and people as possible. For example, if you order takeout from the same place every time, you'll never really know which place truly offers the very best Chinese. Try different restaurants, coffee shops, markets, and bars, at least until you've had a good sample of them all. 


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