June 30

How to Get Upgraded Flight Tickets to Spain


One doesn’t need many reasons to travel to Spain if he has a heart that loves diversity. Whether you are a Spanish going home or a traveler looking to explore, everyone wants a comfortable journey without going broke with a business class ticket.

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The good news is that you can travel to Spain in business class without going through the headache of sitting in cramped couches and listening to crying children. Here, we have made a list of tips that can help you upgrade your ticket without paying a hefty amount:

Turn Overbooked Flights Into Your Benefit

Airlines overbook their flights, which means that they sell more tickets than the available tickets. Well, it might sound illegal to you, but it isn’t. Sometimes, airlines sell 150 tickets for over 100 available seats. They do so to save themselves in situations of ‘no-showing’ passengers. In case there is no ‘no-showing’, but all ‘yes-showing’, it simply means that the number of passengers looking to board the flight will be more than available seats. In such cases, airlines ask for voluntarily give-ups before bumping passengers onto the next flight.

Well, irrespective of debating about ethical fringes of this act, this situation can become your ticket to flight upgrade. You can ask to volunteer on the other flight in exchange for a flight upgrade. Most airlines give an upgrade in such situations because obviously, they have to handle their created mess somehow.

Travel On Off-Peak Days

Off-peak days or seasons are the most dreadful times for the airlines, but they should be your favorite days. Just make Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday as your preferred days. And mark dawn, after work and midnight as your cherished time. These are the days and times when you can bag an upgrade flight opportunity easily as compared to the days when you frequently hear: “we are full”.

Purchase a Cheap Upgrade

If you don’t want to stick to your lucky charm or a miraculous incident to get an upgrade, then you can also buy a one (though you still need luck here!). Now what you have to do here is to buy an economy ticket, and then stick your eyes to your emails and airline app.

Business-class fares decrease as the date of departure gets near and the premium cabin is not filled yet. And this can be a big opportunity for you! Keep on checking the airline apps or read the promotional emails sent by the airlines where they might notify you of an upgrade opportunity.

Bring a Travel Reward Card

You might have heard about points for flier miles which can help you to upgrade your seat in exchange for those points. But for that, you have to be a frequent flier, and you need money for that. It can be possible if traveling is your business requirement, but if you are just a once a year traveler, then you can’t win flier miles points.

For such people, a travel rewards card can help. You have to spend an annual fee (which isn’t much) on this card, and you can get flier miles points for every penny spent. You can use it for grocery shopping as well if you quickly want to bag enough points to get a free upgrade.

Now you know that traveling while sitting in luxurious cabins with world-class eatery options and cozy ambiance is not an out-of-bound dream. Your broken self can travel in the It-class if you know the right trick to get a flight upgrade...which you know now. So, your next flight is going to be a business class?


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