July 8

6 Ways to Make Travel More Affordable


Many people say that they wish they could travel more, but they don’t have the money. Fortunately, you don’t need to ruin your budget to enjoy an awesome vacation. Here are some great ways to make travel more affordable.

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1. Save Before Your Trip

Making sure you save plenty of money before your trip will help you avoid worrying about expenses. Even if you only save a few dollars per day by avoiding getting your morning coffee at a shop or packing your lunch instead of eating out, it can add up to thousands after a year. That way, you can take a nice vacation.

You can save without needing to think about it by setting up an automatic monthly or weekly transfer to your savings account. Compounding interest will reward you for keeping your money in your account, and you can just watch your savings grow.

2. Be Frugal on Your Journey

Even when you’re on vacation, you don’t need to stay at an expensive hotel or eat at gourmet restaurants every day. Many attractions such as parks and museums are free, and taking a relaxing stroll is a lot more fun and relaxing than paying for public transportation. Speaking about this, a good RV rental deal will get you wheels and accommodation at a one bargain price, which can be a good option.

3. Get a Credit Card

With a credit card, you won’t run out of money if there’s an emergency while you’re traveling. As long as you take care of the full balance every month, you won’t need to pay any interest, and you’ll get rewards for using your card.

Members of the U.S. military and their family members can apply for USAA credit cards with cash back or travel rewards points available. For more rewards, use your credit card to pay for insurance, utility bills and other recurring expenses. That way, you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in rewards every year. Many cards don’t have foreign transaction fees, making them more affordable and safer than getting cash exchanged for the local currency in a foreign country.

4. Visit Friends or Family Members

If you already know people in other cities or countries and you can get on their good side, you can catch up with them and save money while you have your vacation. Sleeping in a friend’s spare bedroom is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, and you’ll have a guide to show you all the best sights and tell you about the most affordable activities. You should bring the people you’re staying with a nice gift or take them to dinner to say thank you. Also, make sure you don’t wear out your welcome by staying too long.

5. Travel With a Small Group

If you travel with others, you can split the costs of food, gas, hotel rooms and tolls. You can also take turns driving to get to your destination faster.

6. Visit a Cheaper Country

Some countries have extremely favorable exchange rates, so you can get lots of the local currency for just a few dollars. These places offer amazing experiences for people from the United States. You can visit spas, luxury resorts, and beautiful landscapes for only a fraction of the cost of a similar trip within the U.S. Consider Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa or the Philippines.

By using these tips, you can make travel affordable enough to take a big vacation once per year or enjoy several smaller trips. You don’t need tons of money to explore new places, learn about different cultures, and create some fantastic memories.


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