I don’t know about you, but traveling to me is all about new experiences and travel images which will become a memory (hopefully) soon after they have occurred or been seen. Ultimately it will be the image that will remind you about the experience, and because of this pictures are probably the best souvenir you can bring back home.


Travel Photography Tips

Taking pictures is easy: just point, press the shutter button and voila, you’re done. But taking good pictures is not: it requires times, patience, skills and lots of practice. There are however some simple tricks that can improve your photography significantly, and I aim to share these with you on an ongoing basis.  The following is a list of posts that will get you started and on the right track, but feel free to contact me with any additional questions you might have.

10 Simple Tips for Better Travel Photography

Which is the Best All Around Travel Lens for a DSLR Camera?

Understanding Depth of Field and How it can Improve your Travel Photography


Travel Images from Around the World

Why not travel the world from your chair right now? Many of the pictures I have taken during my trips are in the posts of this blog, but if you only want to see pictures and images from around the world you can go to my Flickr Channel. Alternatively, you can easily enjoy a selection of them below- scroll with the blue bar to see more and click on the photos to see them bigger and better. Please note that all images are property of www.maitravelsite.com and thus have copyrights on them. However, if you want to purchase any or would like to have a low resolution version of one for free simply send me an email at fede@maitravelsite.com.

Photographing People, Places, Cultures and Nature Around the World